onsdag den 29. april 2009

Miwako has been to Sakura festival

And I was cosplaying Miwako 8D ~~ It was sooooo pretty and too cute mini japanese babies and lovely pretty people everywere *-*

I was to a pirate birthday, I had that corset on for 15 hours! So I had marks one week after! I don't recomend that!

and today I think I got "pollenallergi", don't know the name on english!


mandag den 13. april 2009

Akira got style!

My baby-chan <3>

And all my new stuff !

My purple hair straightner I got from my mom <3

Hangry and Angry wallet I bought from Nelly 8D

And ofcourse my Twilight DVD :D

Twilight DVD !

Finally did I get my Twilight DVD it's so goooooood! Also all the exstra stuff, it's really funny, when i got it I saw everything and used almost 6 hours, just call me freak, but I'm just a normal fan ^^
"never trust a man who pluck his eyebrowns" Robert citat.. I do not agree wit that xD

I went to have a sleep over at my idol yesterday ^-^ I'm her nr. 1 fan! yush!

We took alot of pictures and had alot of fun!

<-- she cut my hair, as you can see.. Or she just made it pretty without the scissors.

Then we saw Confessions of a shopaholic, thats just so much Nelly xD

And we took some more picture, we went up early =___= and jump on the trampolin!

We are pretty, yes...

søndag den 12. april 2009

Doll meet-up~

Min dejlige dukke hobby! Alt for dyr, men det er nu altid
hyggeligt at møde andre der er lige så interesseret.. Hmm jeg burde lære at skrive på engelsk...

My lovely doll hobby! To expensive, but it's allways fun to meet others who also are interested.
Jeg stinker til engelsk~

It was me and a good friend Christine who had made this up, we are members of this doll site called Resin Garden, check it out!

We went the 10/4 to Baresso at Nørreport, I had taken one of my old japanese schoolfriend with me, she dosn't have a doll, but thought it could be fun and she draw so fantastic (manga) and did a cool draw to Christine future doll and a cute draw to me *-*

People allways look at us with big mysterious eyes and others call us freaks. It's allways funny :D

Claudia did find a cute doll, may-chans hottie one xD he is a player, I'm sorry Claudia I promise to try get money for a boy to you one day !

I was in love with this one!

And here are all the dolls together 8D


tirsdag den 7. april 2009


Her ligger jeg med min dejlige dukke Claudia Namida og putter under min varme dyne og nyder at det er FERIE!

Skal til at læse Nofret, senere skal jeg ind til min veninde Carina og vi skal have lavet AT-oplæg og nøøj hvor jeg ikke gider! *sigh*

men vi skal evt ind og se Watchmen senere, da mine forældre har anbefalede den på det kraftigste xD

uh så høre jeg the GazettE, drikker smoothie .. jeg er død misundelig på Li-chan, været til miyavi koncert i Tokyo!

Så ser jeg frem til min Twilight dvd!!! den blev sendt igår *-*

Sikke interessant denne første blog bliver..